Staff Blog – Education Roundup

by Erin Schock, Curator of Education

We have an exciting Winter/Spring Tidbit schedule coming up, full of technology, art, animals, and plants. We also have some amazing talent to lead us in our learning. The first Tidbit of the year was on Etching. Sonja Caywood guided us through the process of etching, and how Hans Kleiber used it to make some beautiful art pieces. She supported our knowledge of Hans Klieber, who he was as a person, and why he was important to Sheridan County.

Berakah courtesy Cel Hope

In February, we learned more about Therapy Dogs and Service Dogs. Cel Hope broadenerd our understanding of what a therapy dog does, who a therapy dog helps, and how they’re different from Service Dogs. We had the chance to meet her therapy dog, Berakah. Cel is the first person in Wyoming to own a therapy dog, and administers therapy dog tests. Her therapy dog, Berakah, is a pillar of the community and volunteers to read with the children at the library and has also volunteered her time at Sheridan Manor.

In March, we are learning about HAM radio. We are honored to have Ron Stanker from Cloud Peak Radio and Electronics group speak with us about Morse code, radio waves, and what HAM radio is. Many of our tidbit friends don’t know a time before cell phones, so we are excited for Ron to help us comprehend what communication before cell phones looked like.

Dr. Ami Erickson is sharing her expertise in Botany with us in April, and lending some guidance as we place some seeds into some pots and hope they grow. We will be learning about gardening through history, victory gardens, and why going to the store to get out of season produce wasn’t always an option.

May brings a field trip to the Fish Hatchery! We will be meeting at the fish hatchery in Story to discuss the lifecycle of the fish, feeding the fish, and having a picnic with our other tidbit friends. We will be bringing the Pioneer Games trunk with us so we can better get to know our friends that we learn with every month at tidbit.

Here at the museum, we are excited for our Winter/Spring schedule, and we hope you can come and make it to see us!

A little about the author:

Erin Schock moved to Sheridan from Billings, MT. She studied education as an undergraduate and at a graduate level at Montana State University-Billings. Erin has harmonized her love for nonprofit work and education through various projects, most recently, STEM Billings. Passionate about the mountains, the move to Sheridan was a natural fit. In her free time, Erin loves to read and take walks with her white German Shepherd, Sophie.

Some pictures from our January & February Tidbit Saturday

January 2018 – Etchings

February 2018 Dog Helpers

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