Seasonal Exhibits

From prehistory to the present day, the Sheridan County area has a rich history to explore. In addition to regular exhibits, the Historical Society & Museum features special exhibits on a regular basis. These special exhibits touch on topics that connect our area to larger themes in American and Western History. These exhibits are available throughout our the year. Check below for information on this year’s featured exhibit. 

The Great War: Sheridan County & World War I

The World went to war in August 1914. European empires clashed across Europe, Asia, and Oceania. New weapons of war caught military and civilian leaders by surprise, and the conflict became one of attrition. President Woodrow Wilson, horrified by the conflict, tried to keep the United States neutral. By the spring of 1917, his efforts failed, and America joined the Allied Powers against Germany and the Central Powers. American doughboys, including many from Sheridan County, served in France from 1917 to 1918.

The Great War: Sheridan County & World War I explores the causes, events, and outcomes of the First World War. It also highlights the contributions made by Sheridan County residents including George N. Ostrom, Sr. and Harry Fulmer. The exhibit was developed with assistance from the Wyoming Veterans’ Memorial Museum for the 2017 & 2018 exhibit seasons.

Here are some pictures from The Great War: Sheridan County & World War I: