History Resource Trunks

The Museum's Resource Trunk Program is an education and outreach program to provide resources to area teachers and small group leaders. Our goal is to bring history to the classroom. Our trunks contain physical objects and photographs. Student activities and a teacher/leader resource guide are included as well. The resources trunks provide  a unique, hands on experience to enhance classroom lessons.

The Museum's resource trunks focus on the history and culture of Sheridan County, the Bighorn Mountains, and the Powder River Basin. Currently, the Museum has four different trunks available. These trunks are:

  • The Bison (Buffalo) Culture
  • Native Americans on the High Plains
  • Pioneer Gams
  • Black Diamonds: Exploring Sheridan County’s Coal Mining Communities

The Museum's Resource Trunk Program is available for check out year round at no cost. Click here to email the Museum or call at 307-675-1150 to check availability and reserve one of the trunks today. The trunk can be checked out for a period of one week but must be reserved at least two weeks in advance.

Native American Trunk
Pioneer Games Trunk
Buffalo Trunk
Black Diamonds Coal Trunk
SCSD #3 Class Using Trunk
SCSD #3 Class Using Trunk