Museum Collections Policy

Summary of SCHS Museum Collections Policy

Accession Criteria

The purposes of the Sheridan County Museum collections are to further the appreciation and understanding of the prehistory, social, and cultural history of Sheridan County. Objects will be considered for acquisition to the permanent collection if the following criteria are met:

A. They relate to the natural, social, cultural, political, or economic history or prehistory of the peoples of Sheridan County and closely related communities, or are representative of the types of material culture common to Sheridan County.

B. They are in good physical condition, unless judged to have such outstanding historical value as to outweigh condition and can be conserved to an acceptable level of stabilization.

C. They are of a size that proper storage, protection, conservation and preservation can be provided by the Historical Society.

D. They are significantly different in history, design, or condition from similar artifacts already in the collection.

E. They are of value in relating the history of Sheridan County and its people to current and future generations.

F. They are offered by a donor or vendor who has clear title to the object (including copyright where applicable) with no restrictions as to research, exhibit, loans, or conservation.

Artifact Donations

A. Donations to the Sheridan County Historical Society cannot be appraised, written or otherwise, by a staff or board member. It is up to the donor to obtain an appraisal, if desired, for tax purposes.

B. Following acceptance, a deed of gift agreement shall be signed by the legal owner and SCHS Museum Director or designated representative transferring ownership and /or all rights to the Sheridan County Museum. It is a policy to utilize materials at the SCHS Museum where they can best be interpreted within existing interpretive plans.

C. Multiple types of collections are maintained by the Historical Society. The right to change disposition of donated objects is reserved. Any change in collection category will be approved by the Museum Director and Board of Directors of the Sheridan County Historical Society Museum.

D. With or without full copyright transfer, the Sheridan County Historical Society retains the right to reproduce images of this artifact for educational, catalog, and /or publicity purposes.

E. The deed of gift document also acts as a waiver of rights of attribution. By signing this form, the donor authorizes the Sheridan County Historical Society or its designated representatives, to make modification(s) deemed necessary for the conservation, preservation, or stabilization of the artifact(s). If the artifact is an original work of art, such modifications may be made provided they do not alter the artist’s original intent.

F. In the event of the dissolution of the Sheridan County Historical Society, the collection articles will be disposed of by: offering them to other local museums or non-profit institutions, other non-local museums that can care for them properly, or returning them to the original donors or their heirs when possible. In the event that items cannot be placed, the collection will be stored at the Society’s expense, using special funds for that purpose.