The Sheridan County Historical Society & Museum explores special and unique topics in regional history through seasonal exhibits. Each year we pick one or more topics that range from the creative to the tasty. These have included exhibits on the Sheridan Brewing Company, Sports and Recreation, and Sheridan County's 125th Anniversary. Here are our seasonal exhibits for 2016.

Digging for White Gold: Sugar Beets in Sheridan County

Sugar beets have part of Sheridan County for a century. In 1915, work was completed on a new sugar processing mill along what is now Coffeen Avenue. For decades local farmers planted thousands of acres of sugar beets through the area. Although the mill closed in 1947, sugar is still a part of Sheridan County today through the Holly Seed Company.

Learn more about sugar beets and the history of the local sugar industry. See examples of farming implements, records, and photographs. Learn about the people, like the Volga Germans, that came to Sheridan County to dig for white gold.

Ranger, Painter, Printer: Hans Kleiber's Artistic World

Hans Kleiber was many different things throughout his life, forest ranger, timberman, husband, father, and poet. But he is best remembered for his art. An immigrant from the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Kleiber arrived in Sheridan County before the First World War and fell in love with the Bighorn Mountains. Leaving government service, Kleiber fulfilled his personal dream of being a full time artist. Learning the art of etching through trial and error, his works of art found an audience throughout the United States and the United Kingdom.

Learn more about Hans Kleiber's life and how he shared his vision of Sheridan County and the Bighorn Mountains with the rest of the world.

A Little Piece of Heaven: Dude Ranches and Mountain Resorts of the Bighorn Mountains

The American West captivates people from around the world. Starting in the early 20th Century dude ranches and mountain resorts began providing their guests a taste of the western life. Starting with Hilman's Ranch and Eaton's Ranch, over two dude ranches and mountain resorts developed across the region. Drawn by the majestic beauty of the Bighorns and advertised by the Burlington and Northern Pacific railroads, people came from across the United States.

Some came for the sense of adventure, other, like Ernest Hemmingway, to get away from the noise of urban America. Everyone found something special and some stayed in Sheridan County. Our featured exhibit this year looks at the history of dude ranches and mountain resorts. The exhibit will be open through Christmas 2016.


Learn more about area dude ranches and resorts by clicking on the links below.

Teepee Lodge

Piney Inn/Wagon Box Inn