Permanent Exhibits

Visitors to the Sheridan County Museum explore the history of the American West from a local perspective. Here’s look at some of our permanent exhibits that focus on local history, industry, and the ties to the larger narrative of American history.

Before Custer there was the Rosebud

On June 17, 1876, only eight days before the Battle of the Little Bighorn, Sioux and Cheyenne warriors engaged US Army Soldiers with their Crow and Shoshone allies along the Rosebud Creek in southern Montana. Fought between the approximately 30 miles north of Sheridan, it was the largest and longest battle during the Great Sioux War of 1876. The Battle of the Rosebud was the prelude to the Battle of the Little Bighorn. Visitors can explore the Battle of the Rosebud through several interactive exhibits, including a guided tour and skillfully crafted diorama depicting the events of the battle by local artist Tom Warnke.

Black Diamonds in Sheridan County

For nearly 60 years, coal from Sheridan County mines helped power Wyoming and places throughout the American West. Established soon after the arrival of the Burlington Railroad, the first large scale mines helped fuel the development of Sheridan County. The coal towns along the Tongue River included miners from Italy, Poland, England, Ireland, and Japan.

Explore the history of coal mining in Sheridan County. Visit the ghost town of Monarch, Wyoming and explore the underground Monarch mine with dioramas crafted by local artist Tom Warnke.

The Tongue River Tie Flume

The arrival of the Burlington Railroad spurred the growth of new industries in Sheridan County. Entrepreneurs saw in the lush timber of the Bighorn Mountains a ready supply of railroad ties. However getting the ties off of the mountains proved difficult. Construction began in 1893 on a network of tie flumes. Over the next twenty years millions of ties flowed out of the Bighorns for railroad construction and maintenance.

Learn more about the Tongue River Tie Flume. Visitors can explore an interactive diorama tracing the route of the flume network. They can also hear the harrowing tale of Oscar Granum’s ride down flume.