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old-history-booksOur Education Mission

The education mission of the Sheridan County Museum is to encourage and support learning about the rich historic and cultural heritage of the Sheridan area by creating connections between our past, present, and future generations.

How the Sheridan County Museum Can Assist Teachers

The Museum offers a variety of educational programs both on and offsite. While we do encourage class visits to the Museum, we are also happy to come to you and deliver a program specific to your needs in your classroom. This guide summarizes the various programs currently available to teachers. Please keep in mind that the programs offered can be adapted to fit with your lesson plans and the topics that you will have covered prior to the visit. Following each program description are the grade levels best suited for the program.

Wyoming Department of Education Content and Performance Standards

The education programs offered by the Sheridan County Museum can help your class meet a number of Wyoming Department of Education standards and benchmarks. The Museum will also tailor programs to focus on benchmarks of your choosing. To assist you in choosing field trips and/or programs with the museum, the key social studies benchmarks met by each program are listed in italics following the program description. Please note that the lists are not all – inclusive; additional benchmarks (in language arts, mathematics, science, etc.) are often addressed.

How the Museum Mercantile Can Assist Teachers

The Museum Mercantile sells a variety of books, maps, and other items that may add to your students’ learning experience. Educators receive a 10% discount on purchases in the Mercantile