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Sheridan County Museum  

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Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t miss your chance to learn about some of Sheridan County’s amazing women. December 21st will be the last day that you can view VOTES FOR WOMEN and learn about Wyoming’s role on an international stage. 



“Iron Teeth and her son and two daughters were among the Northern Cheyenee who were forced south to Oklahoma….”

Buffalo Bill Historical Center, Cody, Wyoming: Thomas Marquis Collection, P.165.1.77.
Uree Marie (Holstedt) Richter Birth: Feb 9, 2016
Northern Cheyenne and Fort Robinson Breakout 
This traveling exhibit, written by Northern Cheyenne historians, will be leaving the museum. December 21 will be the last day it is on view to the public in Sheridan, Wyoming. 
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Children & Youth
Totem Necklaces 
Carved from semi-precious stones these totem necklaces will make any age smile. 
Wildlife Babies!
Encourage the love of reading while learning about the habitat and lives of various wildlife babies. 
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The museum has over thirty adult books for you to choose from. We carry everything from cookbooks to the Crook’s encampments. 

For the person who has everything
Steak Brands 
Nothing says “personalized” like a branded steak or burger.
Flower Press 
Help them start a new hobby, especially for those who are crafty and adventurous. 
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Tell me your memories 
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Start a new family tradition when you’re away from home with a Pickle ornament, or give a bit of Wyoming with Pistol Pete. 
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